Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer...it's nearly there!

Well, hi! I haven't been inspired at all recently :( so now I've realised Summer is slowly walking our way, I've decided what I'll write, a Summer post!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me messages about the blog. Lots of people have asked if I was going to post again, and the answer is; of course :)
Secondly, I need to apologise for not coming on the blog more often - as I said, I haven't been inspired but also I've been revising for exams and under that constant pressure of "I need to do my homework" so yep.

Anyways. Summer is just about to arrive and I've already got all my holiday plans sorted. Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, time to see my family again and tan :D so excited!! The sun, the heat, the FUN is coming, but it's taking it's time...

Good things about Summer:                                      Bad things about Summer:  
  No school=no exams=no stress                                  It ends :(                               
  Time for tanning ;)
  My birthday :3
  I see my family again
  Longer days \o/  

So really, Summer is my FAVOURITE part of the year. It's the time where your needed break arrives, and all your problems and worries dissolve like the sea in the sand...(just made up an amazing simile :3)

If I don't come back on the blog before the holidays then have a GREAT Summer!! If I do come back, then... see you then ^.^ xx

Is anyone else here addicted to making loom bands???
These are mine: (mega stylish for Summer, hihihi)


Maggie xoxo


  1. welcame back just saw this beautiful post very good nice and sweet well done