Tuesday, August 5, 2014

✿Good afternoon✿

Hey, I've just come back from my holiday and I had lots of fun! I visited lots of nice places, caught up with my family and friends from miles away and got a tan (finally) ;D

Used the fact that it's August to post some pictures:

Well, I'd like to tell you that my friend Alice also has a blog and we're partners on blogger. I'm waiting for her reply, and as soon as I get it I'll leave her blog link in the comments. Enjoy, and thanks for reading<3

Maggie xx 


  1. okey..is the blog like urs or topics are different? pleaz reply, thankyu :)

    1. it's quite different but in a sense it's quite similair. here is the link: www.alicatsblog34.blogspot.co.uk :3

    2. (you will have to copy the link into the search box as it's not appearing as a link) .-.