Friday, February 7, 2014

Hey! SMILE ☺

What is being positive?

Being positive has many different parts to it, and different people can see "being positive" in different ways. For me, being positive is being yourself and feeling happy. And smiling!!!!!!! Smiling is the best thing a girl can wear.

"A smile is a language that even a baby can understand"

"Yes we can!"
--Barack Obama

"A smile is a curve that can set everything straight"
--Phyllis Diller

"The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down" (So go back up ;))
--Stephen Richards

Didn't you know that everyone has a Fairyland of their own?? Enter yours and find out what makes you happy, then leave and keep that in mind.

Anyway, it's nearly Valentines Day, so let's hip hip hooray <3 #Love #Family 

Haven't been here for a long time, miss you all! Half term is coming soon and I am feeling very smiley and positive for that! I'm going to have a lot of fun, going to meet up with my friends and spend quality family time! (and constantly visit Pinterest, Google+ and you, my lovely reader!) :] thank you for being here for me. Your attention makes me VERY positive ;)


  1. Felling very positive after this post :) Que giro !!!!

  2. Me gusta tu blog, es muy especial y femenino! Besos de tu fans em españa!!! Nuria<3

  3. thanks maggie gr8 post now dnt i dnt care about weasel