Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Decembering :-)

Hello everyone!! Again, I have been a very bad person and not written on the blog for a long time...since August that I haven't written anything!! I have to get up to date with things.

How is everyone?
Just to say, that year 8 is going great!! I really like all the new teachers, being with my friends etc.
I hope you are all good and enjoying the new school year.

It is the 3rd of December 2013 and I am thinking about everything I will do this month. Get ready for Christmas: buy my friends and family their Christmas presents, open the windows of my advent calendar, celebrate this very special time...

December is my favourite month of the year. I love being at home nice and warm doing my own things, whilst outside is cold and unpleasant (most of the time), but I also love wrapping up in hats, gloves, scarves and a warm coat and going outside. I love the snow that comes towards the end of the month and playing with my brother in it. And just the thought that it's nearly Christmas! Jesus's birth, joy, love, hope, a new year coming, and of course, not forgetting the lovely gifts I recieve and am very grateful for.

Nice being back on the blog :-)

Maggie xx

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